About Us

Whether it’s making the world around us a more beautiful place, of the simple act of giving a gift, perhaps no other plant fulfills the dream quite like the rose. Easy Elegance® is a unique collection of Roses You Can Grow.

Easy Elegance Roses are easy-care, beautiful shrub roses that are bred for disease resistance and non-stop bloom. From Texas to Minnesota, Easy Elegance® offers regionally appropriate favorites that can be grown without pesticides and don’t require complicated pruning. Easy Elegance® makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the amazing color and grace roses provide without all the fuss.

Our goal is simple: to change perceptions about growing and maintaining roses by offering exceptional roses that are beautiful in their appearance and effortless in their care. Whether you are an experienced rose gardener or just someone who wants to enjoy the beauty roses add to the home garden, we are confident the varieties in the Easy Elegance® Rose Collection will inspire you to make them a part of your garden enjoyment for years to come.