• You will see gorgeous blooms the first season they are planted.

  • From the hybrid tea side of the family, Easy Elegance® roses get big flowers with plenty of rebloom and glossy green foliage. From the shrub rose side of the family, Easy Elegance® gets disease resistance, superior heat tolerance and extreme cold hardiness.

  • Cover the base of the shrub with mulch, leaves or straw to protect the crown, which is just above where the roots meet the soil. This way, even if you have an unusually cold winter that causes dieback, your roses will come back the following year. Since Easy Elegance® roses are grown on their own root, they will grow back beautifully, even after the worst of winters.

  • In the first year, little or no pruning is required. We do recommend removing any dead or damaged stems using gloves and a good pruner.
    In subsequent years, pruning can be confined to removing dead or damaged wood and crossing or inward growing stems. This keeps the center of the plant open for good air circulation.

  • Easy Elegance® Roses do best in well-drained soil with at least five to six hours of sunlight every day. Especially in cooler climates with shorter growing seasons, roses need sun exposure to develop flowers so be sure that you find a sunny spot for your for blooming beauties.