Celebrating World Health Day

As we continue to work longer and harder, managing stress levels has become a daily battle for most professionals. In fact, 80% of workers report they are stressed out by work.1 Considering there are 261 workdays in a year, that’s a lot of time spent combating those stress demons.

Find a Balance

As we settle into spring, one way to curb stress is to channel your inner ‘yardener.’ A yardener is what we like to call the modern homeowner who puts most of their emphasis on curb appeal rather than traditional gardening. Yardening combats stress on both physical and mental levels. We recently conducted a survey, and 30 percent of respondents said working in the yard provided them with their zen moments. Spending time outdoors naturally boosts your mood and provides an escape from the demands of our daily lives. From planning and preparation to planting and growing, each stage of yardening has its own unique rewards and lessons, plus you’ll feel a renewed connection with Mother Nature.

Increase Zen by Decreasing Planting Anxiety

While planting, working in the yard, and digging in the dirt offer zen moments for many, our survey also showed that 70 percent had anxiety about proper care for their plants. But, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Digital Help Desk

Get rid of any planting and maintenance anxiety by tapping into our digital help desk, which offers everything from text messages reminding you to prune, water and more, to a real-life gardening guru ready to answer all your questions. We at Easy Elegance® Roses, as well as our friends at Endless Summer® Hydrangeas and First Editions® Shrubs & Trees, have text programs to offer monthly reminders and plant care tips. That means less time researching online and more time enjoying the fresh air! Plus, opting in is easy:

For Easy Elegance®: Text ‘Easy Elegance’ to 730-95
For Endless Summer®: Text ‘Endless Summer’ to 730-95
For First Editions®: Text ‘First Editions’ to 730-95

If you’re looking for answers to your yardening and landscaping questions, check out our Garden Gab series or head to our online forum. This spring and summer, embrace your inner yardener and don’t stress the small stuff. We’ve got your back!

1 American Institute of Stress