Rose Buying Guide

Roses have long been the “gold standard” of gardening, but along with that title came the idea that they are difficult to grow. And honestly, many of the more old-fashioned hybrid tea roses require a lot of attention. That’s where easy-care Easy Elegance® Roses come into play: they are truly “Roses You Can Grow.” These roses are bred for cold hardiness, disease resistance and heat tolerance. No more spraying chemicals or complicated overwintering processes! It’s important to select healthy plants at the garden center to give your new roses the best possible start.


Choosing the best rose bush
  • Purchase roses that are offered in larger pots, usually a 2-gallon container or larger. Avoid smaller sizes because the root system will be smaller and plants will take more time to become established in the garden.
  • The canes (also known as stems) should be thick and healthy in appearance.
  • Look for healthy, robust leaves that are free of disease and insects.
  • The rose bush should have good shape and be properly pruned. If the plant has weak stems or if the branches are falling over, select a different plant.
  • Plants should have adequate moisture and not appear dry.
  • Consider the spot you have in mind and make sure it will receive at least six hours of sunlight. Many times low light conditions are reasons why some do not see the amount of blooms they might expect during the growing season.
  • Check the tag for information about the variety such as how big it will grow. The great thing about the varieties in Easy Elegance® is their compact, manageable size. Look for “Roses You Can Grow” in the red Easy Elegance® pot.

Easy Elegance Kashmir Roses

Boxed and bagged roses

Some retailers carry roses packaged in boxes or bags. The canes of these roses are often sealed in wax to prevent them from drying out, and the roots are severely pruned to fit the packaging. If you decide to purchase roses this way it is best to buy them very early in the season or not at all. Cut away and discard the bag or box and soak the entire plant, roots and canes, in a bucket of water for 24 hours. Then prune canes back to near the bud union and plant like you would a bareroot rose.


Easy Elegance® Roses are not found in boxes or bags as described above. We feel it is important that you have a great experience with our plants, and recommend purchasing our roses already growing in containers.