How to Fertilize Roses

Getting the most out of your Easy Elegance® Roses is pretty, well, easy! The first step is to ensure they’re planted in a great spot. Follow the directions in our planting guide for more on this. The second step is ensuring they receive the proper care. Of course, watering your roses is key, but so is fertilizing.

In general, roses are heavy feeders, meaning they need nutrients to help them produce those beautiful blooms we all love so much. Fertilizer will provide that extra boost of nutrients. Easy Elegance® Roses are easy-care and don’t need much to get them going, but adding fertilizer to your garden tasks won’t hurt, especially if you have sandy soil or soil that is low in organic matter.

We recommend a combination of inorganic and organic fertilizer. Inorganic fertilizers are comprised of minerals, like phosphorus, that provide fast-acting nutrients to get roses going. An all-purpose 10-10-10 rose fertilizer will be inexpensive and get the job done. Organic fertilizers are comprised of plant or animal-based materials and release nutrients as they break down. That helps build good soil and provides long-lasting nutrients for your roses. Alfalfa meal, blood meal, bone meal, compost, and manure are all great options.


Once buds start to appear, apply a mix of organic and inorganic fertilizer to your roses. Make sure the inorganic fertilizer is high in phosphorus, and follow the directions on the bag for how much to use. Watch this video for best practices on how to apply fertilizer.


In general, your Easy Elegance® Roses will not need another application of fertilizer in the summer. If your roses look healthy and have lush green leaves, there is no need to apply more fertilizer that year. However, if you decide to apply one more round, make sure to do so before July 1st.

It is important to remember that applying more fertilizer than your roses need can harm their roots and actually prevent new blooms. So, be careful if you choose to apply fertilizer late in the season. Always follow the directions listed on the bag of fertilizer you’re using, and don’t overdo it.


Do not fertilize in the fall. Fertilizer promotes new growth, which is tender and will be susceptible to the cooler temperatures that return in late summer and early fall. So, put the fertilizer away until next spring and enjoy your gorgeous roses.

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