Landscaping with Fragrant Roses: High Voltage and Sweet Fragrance

Is there anything better than a beautiful smelling rose? Luckily, we’ve got two fragrant roses in the Easy Elegance® collection: High Voltage and Sweet Fragrance. Each of these roses brings unique interest and wonderful fragrance wherever they’re planted.

We’re breaking down plant details, fun ways to use these roses in the landscape and all the care tips you need to be successful with High Voltage and Sweet Fragrance in the garden.

High Voltage

This stunning yellow rose features double blossoms that are held up on high, sturdy stems. The clean foliage compliments the blooms, giving your garden a fresh feel. This shrub rose grows in an upright, vase shape making it a great choice for hedge planting and privacy borders.

Plant Details

Height: 4-5’

Width: 2-4’

Exposure: Full Sun

Hardiness Zone: 4-9

Heat Zone: 8

Shape: Upright, vase

Flower Color: Yellow

Foliage: Green

Sweet Fragrance

This easy-care shrub rose has sought after hybrid tea-shaped blooms. The buds have tropical tints of coral and orange with a deep yellow base that swirls open to full apricot blossoms. Match that with the sweet fragrance and you have quite a stunner in the landscape. Plus, this rose is perfect for cut flower arrangements thanks to its upright growth and strong stems.

Plant Details

Height: 2-4’

Width: 2-3’

Exposure: Full Sun

Hardiness Zone: 5-9

Heat Zone: 8

Shape: Upright

Flower Color: Coral

Foliage: Green

Care Tips for High Voltage and Sweet Fragrance

Planting: These roses thrive when planted in full sun, so check out our planting blog to make sure you are planting your shrub correctly.

Watering: Both roses do best when the soil is kept evenly moist. Be sure to watch our video on watering for the best tips and tricks to keep it hydrated all season long.

Fertilizing: High Voltage and Sweet Fragrance don’t require fertilizing, but they will benefit from it. If you want to apply, be sure to use a granular, well balanced, slow-release fertilizer. Apply once in spring when you see green leafy new growth and be sure to follow the directions on the package. To learn more, watch our video on how to fertilize in spring.

Pruning: Easy Elegance® roses require very little pruning to thrive. Once your roses are established, we recommend pruning in early spring to remove any dead, damaged, or crossing stems.

Landscaping with High Voltage and Sweet Fragrance

Adding Structure with High Voltage

With an upright vase shape and a mature size of 4-5’ tall, High Voltage is a great option for adding structure to the back of a garden vignette. Thanks to its bright yellow blooms, it also has no problem acting as a focal point wherever it is planted. High Voltage is sure to stun anywhere in your landscape.

Border Planting with Sweet Fragrance

Give the walkway up to your front door some sweet-smelling love with Sweet Fragrance! The smaller, more compact sizing of Sweet Fragrance makes it a versatile planting option throughout the garden. However, we definitely recommend adding it to areas you’ll be able to easily smell!

To add High Voltage or Sweet Fragrance to your garden, you can order online during our shipping season or use our Find a Retailer tool to locate Easy Elegance® Roses at garden centers near you. Follow us on social @easyeleganceroses and tag us when you post a picture of your beautiful Easy Elegance® roses. And for monthly tips, inspiration, and more, make sure to sign up for our newsletter.