Mother's Day Rose Bushes:
The Ultimate Guide to
Gifting Blooms of Love

If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a special mom in your life, we’ve got you covered.

Roses make the perfect gift for mom thanks to their elegance, beauty, and the season long bloom power. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to Mother’s Day shopping so you can easily pick the perfect rose for the perfect mom.

Let’s jump right in!

Roses Perfect for Containers

Planting a rose in a decorative pot can be a fun way to add beauty to multiple areas of your space. Plant a more compact variety, like Little Mischief, in a pot with some annuals to create a stunning entry way display for the summer. Use a rose like Oscar Peterson or Screaming Neon Red to add vibrancy and color to your patio, deck or even by your pool!

Plus, these roses will last for multiple seasons in their container if properly cared for. Check out our container planting guide to learn even more about caring for roses in decorative pots. 

Roses Perfect for Foundation Planting

Add to your mom’s garden curb appeal with a color rose that doesn’t require tons of work. Gifting a rose like Paint the Town, Kashmir or Mystic Fairy is a great way to boost the beauty of a garden without adding extra hours tending to roses.

Roses Perfect for Adding Fragrance

If you’re specifically looking for a rose that will bring a beautiful scent to the garden, Sweet Fragrance and High Voltage are the way to go. These two roses are fantastic additions to any space with their gorgeous and unique color paired with the classic scent of roses. Head to our blog on landscaping with fragrant roses to learn even more.

Roses Perfect for Mass Planting

Sunrise Sunset is the perfect rose for covering lots of ground with gorgeous blooms. With beautiful pink blooms and excellent performance in cool and warm climates, gardeners all over the country have fallen in love with Sunrise Sunset. Use it as a mass planting option when you’re looking to fill out the landscape.

Roses Perfect for Hedges

If your mom is hoping to create privacy or soften a fence line in her landscape, try gifting a larger rose like All the Rage or High Voltage. Both of these roses add a pop or beautiful color and mix well with other shrubs, perennials, and annuals in the garden. 

Roses Perfect for a Colorful Garden

Colorful summer gardens that make the neighbors stop and stare is the goal of every gardener. Make rose gardening easy with selections from the Easy Elegance® collection like Music Box, Calypso, and Pinktopia. These roses mix well with multiple colors and can act as a focal point on their own thanks to the vibrant hues they bring to the landscape.

Planting and Care Tips for Rose Beginners

If this will be the first rose in your mom’s garden, make sure to utilize our blog as a resource. You can also check out our planting and care blog for all the tips and tricks. For even more fun with your roses, make sure to look at our rose décor guide for fun DIYs and arrangement inspiration that brings the beauty of roses indoors.

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