How to Use Roses in the Landscape

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin when designing your landscape. We’re here to help! Let’s walk through different ways to build your landscape and utilize roses throughout it.

Foundation Planting

Up your curb appeal with a hardy and colorful foundation planting without all the work. Start with strong foundational plants like First Editions® Shining Sensation Weigela and Karl Foerster Ornamental Grass and layer in easy-care color with Paint the Town and colorful perennials for a welcoming and beautiful foundation of your home.

Line a Walkway

Create an impressive entrance to your home by lining your walkway with a mix of colorful and structural plants. My Girl Rose makes a bold statement, especially paired next to a colorful structure element like First Editions® Sundrop Spirea. Mix in other perennials, grasses with varying heights to add a dramatic effect along your walkway.

Roses Mixed with Perennials

An easy-care, colorful summer garden is the pride of many gardeners. With Easy Elegance® Roses, you can mix the enviable color of shrub roses with your perennials with no hassle. Try the classic pink of Kiss Me with complementary accent colors like purple, blue, and yellow for a color show all summer long.

Boxed In

If you’re looking for a more classic English garden look, try boxing in your rose garden with a boxwood hedge. Anchor the corners with First Editions® Technito® Arborvitae and create a variation of height and color using a mix of shrub roses with classic white and red colors like Macy’s Pride and Super Hero, respectively.

Along a Fence Line

Taller roses provide some height in this design, softening the fence line and the edge of your landscape. Use varieties with a bit more height like All the Rage and High Voltage to add a pop of color and then cascade down with a mix of perennials like salvia and monarda.

Using Roses in Pots

Planting roses in decorative pots is an excellent way to add moveable height, interest, and color to your space. Try adding a potted Coral Cove rose to your front step by your front door to brighten the entryway for summertime. Or use Little Mischief in a pot by your pool (if you’re lucky enough to have one!) for some classic beauty. Check out our blog on container planting for more information and tips.