Potted Roses: Top Varieties for Container Gardening Success

Planting roses in pots is an amazing way to brighten up your deck, patio, entry way and more – no matter how big or small your space is. Easy Elegance® the best roses for pots that will last year after year if properly cared for. We’re breaking down some of our favorite varieties for planting in containers.

Before we begin, it’s important to know the basics of container planting and care so that your roses are set up for success. Check out our container planting blog for more information and tips on getting started.

When those cooler temperatures roll around, you can head to our blog on prepping containers for winter to ensure your roses last season after season.

Little Mischief Rose

Little Mischief is one of the most popular roses in the Easy Elegance® Collection for a reason! It’s consistent performance and everblooming flowers fill your garden with flowers year after year.

Thanks to its low growing habit, Little Mischief is perfect for decorative pots. Its tiny, but plentiful blooms pack a punch when placed by an entry way and supplemented with other annuals.

Oscar Peterson Rose

Blooming from early summer through fall, the semi-double flowers on Oscar Peterson are a gorgeous bright white with a golden center. The blooms are nicely accented by the rich green foliage.

The smaller size of Oscar Peterson make it perfect for containers and it looks stunning when added to a patio or a deck. As an added bonus, don’t deadhead the spent blooms in the fall as Oscar Peterson forms bright orange rose hips that can be used for jams and jellies and in seasonal arrangements and DIYs.

Screaming Neon Red Rose

Screaming Neon Red rose in a container

With intense color, Screaming Neon Red is sure to be a standout in any garden due to its superior performance in the garden. Red, wave-like blooms are accented by dark green foliage that turns a lovely burgundy red in the fall.

Screaming Neon Red is an excellent choice for an decorative pot and looks stunning on its own or with the addition of annuals in its pot.

Calypso Rose

Calypso is a stunning and compact rose that is covered in repeat-blooming apricot flowers, bringing color to your landscape throughout the season. The soft color of the petals are accented beautifully by dark glossy green foliage.

With its compact size, Calypso is an ideal choice for a container rose. Use it to add height and interest to your garden or by your pool (if you’re lucky enough to have one!)

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