Small Space Garden Tips

Enjoy the little things in life. We’ve all heard or read that phrase from time to time. But have you ever sat back and wondered how that pertains to the gardens around you? When you think of the quintessential garden space that takes your breath away, it doesn’t matter about the size of the garden, does it? It’s the plants, the blooms, and the design of the space that take your breath away. So, it’s time to celebrate those small areas for what they are: opportunities!

While limited in their footprint, small space rose gardens can provide the same wow-factor any other garden space has. All it takes is a little planning and the right roses to make a show stopping small garden. Here are some of our tips and trick for how you can design a small space rose garden of your own.

What Do You Want from the Space?

Where should you start? When the possibilities are endless, it’s always a great idea to begin with deciding what you want from the space. Do you have room for an outdoor entertaining space? Is there a way to bring some interest to that small strip of land between your garage and property line? Being able to nail down what you want to do with those small spaces is a great first step. When working with an area that has a small footprint and space limitations, it’s that much more critical to determine the best use for the space, keeping in mind the functionality for your lifestyle and wishes.

Roses That Are the Best for Small Spaces

Once you determine what you want from the space, the next step is understanding which roses will be the best fit. It’s important to understand the max height and width of a rose you’re planning on using. Knowing that will help you determine what varieties are perfect and which ones would be too large. The Easy Elegance® Rose collection has quite a few fantastic compact varieties that are ideal for small spaces. Roses like Calypso, Como Park, Head Over Heels, Little Mischief, Paint the Town, and Yellow Brick Road are all great compact rose options. Make sure to head to the Our Roses page to browse through the roses in our collection.

Pick Plant Pairings Wisely

Picking which plants pair nicely with your roses is a must in a small space garden. But, again, you only have so much space you can work with, so each plant choice counts. A great place to start is by pairing plants with a cohesive color scheme like you see here in this garden. All The Rage Rose is paired with a yellow daylily to create a soft, delicate garden. If you’re unsure where to start with color pairings, use the color wheel and go from there.

Make Big Impact with Multiple Roses

Just because you have a smaller area doesn’t mean you can’t utilize the design technique of mass planting. Mass planting is when you have many plants of the same variety planted in one area. This is a great technique to utilize in smaller spaces because it creates a bold impact while also simplifying any maintenance. You’ll only need to care for one plant variety instead of multiple. If you have a small strip of land that you’re unsure what to do with, like the space between a garage and property line, utilize mass planting to create a garden sure to amaze.

Plant Roses in Decorative Containers

We love roses in containers, especially when space is limited. For those who don’t have a yard, live in apartments, or don’t have large landscapes of their own, a lot of the time, the only outdoor space available is a patio or porch. That’s where container roses come in! Use them to bring gorgeous roses into that space. If you need a refresher on gardening with containers, watch this video for how-to steps.

Enhance Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Thinking outside the box for a moment, not all small space gardens have to involve plants in dirt. Some can involve vases and water. Add an extra-special touch to small outdoor entertaining space by decorating with cut arrangements using Easy Elegance® Roses from around the garden. Like this one with Champagne Wishes Roses, cut rose arrangements are a great way to add drama to entertaining areas. And you don’t have to stop at just cut arrangements. These entertaining areas are another excellent spot for decorative containers!

Remember, it’s the little things that sometimes are the most special. So, take time to consider what that little patch of grass or concrete needs from you, how you can fit roses into the mix, and enjoy designing that small space garden of your dreams. If you have a small space rose garden you love, make sure to share it with us at @easyeleganceroses!