Rose Shopping Like a Pro


Shopper holding Easy Elegance Roses

Prepping for spring doesn’t just mean scheduling time in the garden. It’s equally important to make a plan for how, when, and what roses to buy to help make your shopping experience smooth and stress-free. Here are our tips on how to shop for Easy Elegance® Roses like a pro!

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

With anything, it’s best to start at the most basic and then move on to the more complicated. There are a few basics you should know about before heading off to the garden center.

Your Zone: Do you know if you live in a warm climate or cold climate? How about your Hardiness Zone? Each ZIP Code has a specific Hardiness Zone that tells you which plants will thrive in your area. To get your Zone, enter your ZIP Code at the USDA Hardiness Zone website or head to our Hardiness Zone map.

Characteristics of the Space: It’s important to know the characteristics of the area in your landscape where you’re hoping to plant these new roses. That can help you determine which roses will be the best fit. Make note of the sun exposure, the type of soil, the dimensions of the area, and any other factors you think will impact the rose. These are all things that will be indicated on the plant tag when you’re shopping in person, or the website when shopping online. Make sure that the characteristics you noted align with the information on the plant tag so you know it will be a good fit.

Timing: Picking out plants is one thing, but the timing of when to plant is another. To make sure you’re not buying plants too early in the season, check out our article on Frost Dates. There you will find the average first and last frost for your state so you can have a better idea of when the ground will be ready for spring planting. If you want to be even more prepared, review our Planting and Care guide for tips once the time to plant your new rose rolls around.

Think About What You Want

Before you head to the garden center or start filling up that online cart, have you thought about what you want? If you thrive with endless possibilities, going into shopping with little prep ahead of time might be right for you. But for others out there that like a bit more structure, another tip is to take time to write down your thoughts of what you’re hoping to get out of your gardens this year. Is this the year you update those foundation plantings with new roses? Maybe you finally want to try out planting roses in containers. Or, how about that fence line between your yard and your neighbors? Taking a little time to walk around your garden, getting reacquainted with its needs and yours, can do wonders when you’re standing in the middle of a garden center surrounded by plants!

Find A Retailer

When it’s time to get to it and go shopping, you have a few options. If you prefer doing this shopping in person, use our Find a Retailer tool to locate the closest garden center where you can find Easy Elegance® Roses. Feel free to call that garden center ahead of time to check when they’re due to get in the specific rose you’re hoping to pick up, so you know when to make the trip. Then, when you’re there, just make sure you keep your eye out for the maroon pot!

If you prefer shopping from the comfort of your home, go to the same Find a Retailer page and scroll down for a list of online retailers where you can buy Easy Elegance®.

Or Buy Directly From Us!

Another option is purchasing plants at! When looking through our rose collection, look for the maroon “Buy Online” tab up on the left-hand corner of the image. When you see that tab, it means you can purchase that variety right from our website.

When you buy from us, you will be getting a #2 Container. If you’re wondering what that means, a #2 Container is a plant that is 2-4 years old and potted in a 2.0-gallon pot (7.51L). This is a common size plant that you’ve seen across garden centers. When ordered after April, these plants will generally already be showing leaves and maybe even blooms! However, it’s important to keep in mind that the stage of growth depends on the time of year it’s shipped. So, if you order one early in the season, it is possible that the rose may be shipped dormant.

Whether you’re in the inspiration, planning, or purchasing stage of shopping for roses this season, we wish you happy shopping and happy planting!