How to Plant Roses

Ever dreamed of having gorgeous roses blooming in your yard, but worried they’re too fussy? Well, fret no more! Easy Elegance® Roses are here to be your best rose buddies, and this is your guide to planting them like a pro.

Sunshine Makes Happy Roses

Roses need at least 5-6 hours a day to truly thrive. Make sure you’ve chosen a spot that allows them to get the sunshine they need to grow, but also provides enough shade for them to thrive as well.

Picking the Perfect Spot

Remember to consider how big your rose bushes will get when they’re all grown up. Roses like Sunrise Sunset can reach 4-7 feet wide, so give them a little breathing room by planting them 2-3.5 feet apart. This helps the air circulate between the plants and keeps diseases and pests away. Check out our blog on landscaping with roses for more inspiration on working with roses.

Soil Prep: Food for Your Future Roses

Depending on your soil type, amending your soil with some compost is a great way to give your roses a head start. Just mix some compost into the soil where you’ll be planting your roses, and they’ll thank you for it! Head on over to our blog on the best soil for roses to learn more.

Planting Power

Now that you’ve found the perfect spot and prepped your soil, it’s planting time!

Step 1: Dig a hole that’s about one and a half times wider and just as deep as the pot your rose came in. This will give the roots plenty of space to spread out and be happy. Remember, planting too high can dry them out, and too low can encourage rot, so finding that sweet spot is key.

Step 2: If the roots are bunched up, you can gently loosen up the roots with your fingers or a gardening tool a bit before planting.

Step 3: Place your rose in the center of the hole, fill it back in with the soil you dug out, and pat it down gently.

Step 4: Finally, give your new rose buddy a good, deep drink of water. Soak the soil all the way through and then water one more time. Check out our blog on watering for more information.

Most Easy Elegance® Roses come pre-fertilized, so you don’t need to worry about any extra feeding at planting time. Check out our blog on fertilizing roses to learn more.

Planting Easy Elegance® Roses is a breeze, and with a little love and care, you’ll be enjoying their beauty in your garden for years to come. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite gardening gloves and get ready to create your own rose paradise!

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