Gardening With Color

Yellow Submarine Roses

We all have that color we seem to gravitate towards in life. Somehow you step back and realize your coat, water bottle, shoes, notebooks, etc. are all one color. And if it’s happening to you with everyday items, it’s only inevitable that color will end up in your gardens. Fortunately for all of us, the Easy Elegance® collection is full of a multitude of roses in all sorts of colors that make designing with color a breeze.

Red Roses

You can’t get more iconic than a red rose. Everyone knows “Roses are red, and violets are blue,” but how do you use red roses in the garden? When designing a garden with red roses, compliment the dramatic red blooms with plants that have green and yellow hues in their leaves. The red is sure to pop against the more neutral garden greens. If you’re looking for a little more of a subdued look, pair the red roses with some purple, pink, and blue hues. Our friends at First Editions® Shrubs & Trees have tons of great plants that feature those colors, so make sure to browse through their collection to find your favorite plant pairings. If you’re looking for red roses for your garden, look no further than these stunning red rose varieties in the Easy Elegance® collection: Kashmir  Mystic Fairy®, Paint the Town, Screaming Neon Red, and Super Hero.

Pink Roses

Whether you prefer bright or pastel shades of pink, planting pink roses in the garden is a surefire way to include some romanticism in your space. A great first place to start when designing with pink roses is to understand the shade you’re working with. If it’s a warmer pink, like the blooms on My Girl, pair that rose with other shrubs that feature shades of red and orange for a lovely warm feeling in the garden. If it’s a cooler pink, pair with other shrubs that have yellow, bright orange, or even lime green tones for a bright, poppy look. Fans of pink should make sure to check out Little Mischief, Pinktopia, and Sunrise Sunset.

Yellow Roses

The color yellow can evoke feelings of cheer, positivity, and joy, and those are just the things we feel when looking at bright yellow roses! Fans of yellow in the garden are lucky as green compliments yellow like nothing else. If you want to add another color to the mix, plant your yellow roses near a plant that has blue blooms, like First Editions® Sapphire Surf Bluebeard. The mix of yellow, blue, and green will make quite the statement! Make sure to check out these great yellow roses in our collection: High Voltage and Yellow Submarine.

White Roses

While simple, a white rose can do wonders for the garden. It’s classic, bright, and will look fantastic no matter what plant it is paired with. We love using white roses as a great neutral base to pair with other colorful plants in the garden. If you aren’t sure what color scheme you want the rest of your garden to have, start with a classic white rose. It will either be the perfect starting point, or the bright statement your garden needs. For those looking for the perfect white rose, check out these white rose varieties in our collection: Champagne Wishes and Oscar Peterson.

Coral & Orange Roses

Coral and orange roses are perfect for those who aren’t afraid of trying out something a little different. While not too far off from pink and yellow, coral and orange roses are different enough to make people’s heads turn and ask what roses you have in the garden. When designing with coral and orange, think about plant pairings. These roses will be a statement in your landscape, so try pairing them with yellow or green plants that will complement the blooms, but also make the bright coral and orange color stand out. For those looking to feature coral and orange in the garden, look no further than these gorgeous roses: Sweet Fragrance, Coral Cove, and Calypso.

Multicolored Roses

For those who can’t decide between colors, why not pick a rose that isn’t just one? The Easy Elegance® rose collection has a few stunning roses with multicolored blooms like All the Rage with its coral, apricot, and yellow blooms, or Music Box with creamy yellow and bright pink blooms. When designing with a rose that has multiple colors in one bloom, we love using them as statement plants in the garden. It’s hard not to look at their blooms, so use that to your advantage! You can never go wrong with planting a few multicolored roses in an area that is already full of green leaves and needs a pop of color.

You can never go wrong with bringing color into the garden but having a few tips and tricks up your sleeve with how to use that color to your advantage can help you during the process. So, pick a color, get planting, and enjoy the views!