Rose Planting Guide for Fall

As summer winds down, getting back in the garden may not be top of mind right now. However, fall is one of the best times to get your roses in the ground. Let’s talk about why!

Coral Cove Rose
The Benefits of Fall Planting

Temperatures drop throughout the fall, but the ground is still holding on to the last bit of summer warmth. These conditions are perfect for your roses to establish themselves before the first frost.

Planting in the fall also allows you to get the full picture of your garden. Your plants will be at their biggest by the end of the summer season, so it’s incredibly easy to see where you may have areas that need an extra pop of color that a rose can add!

How to Plant in Fall
  1. The first step to planting your roses is finding a spot where they will be successful. Easy Elegance® roses need five to six hours of sunlight a day to produce their beautiful blooms, so make sure the site you’ve selected can provide that. Check out our planting video to learn more.
  2. Check to see if your soil needs any amending. If so, mix in some compost while digging to ensure your rose gets the nutrients it needs to stay happy and healthy. Learn more about the best type of soil for roses.
  3. After you’ve planted your rose, give it a nice soak! You will still need to water your rose throughout fall just like you would in summer. Learn more about watering roses here.
  4. Finally, steer clear of adding fertilizer this time of year. Fertilizer encourages growth, something you don’t want your roses to do this season as that new growth will be vulnerable to the upcoming cold temperatures. Learn more about fertilizing roses.
How to Shop for Fall Planting

When you’re shopping, keep all of the above in mind while also considering if you garden has any holes you’re looking to fill or areas you’d like to expand. Use our Find a Retailer tool to find Easy Elegance® Roses at a garden center near you or shop the collection online.